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At Jewelry Couture’s Ventura, CA jewelry store, we have a beautiful selection of Tacori designer jewelry for our visitor’s perusal. Tacori established itself in 1969, when Haig Tacorian immigrated from Europe and found a new home out in California with his family. With a passion for jewelry design and craftsmanship, Haig took elements of his European ancestry to inform the pieces he began to create. Now, well-rooted in the California culture, Tacori continues to produce jewelry that is marked by a distinctive half-moon crescent silhouette so the discerning lover of artisanal jewelry can identify them in a glance.

The Tacori brand is defined by several main elements, the foremost being passion. At Jewelry Couture, we understand how passion is often a priority with those seeking fine jewelry—it is often linked to romantic relationships, new stages of life, great celebrations, and other important events. That’s why the Tacori is often a cornerstone of our jewelry collections and why it has become so popular among our Ventura, CA customers. Every time a Tacori craftsman sits down to design or create a new piece, it is with a passion for perfection and beauty that is rarely seen anywhere else.

Tacori also takes a generational approach to jewelry, believing that a piece should be adored enough to be passed down from one family member to the next without any loss of beauty or value. Because Tacori jewelers invest so much personal talent in each piece, it ensures that no ring or necklace or bracelet (or other accessory) ever comes out quite the same—even if it’s of a similar design to start with. When you wear a Tacori piece, you’re guaranteed a unique experience in every way.

At Jewelry Couture, Tacori is represented by numerous collections they’ve made famous over the years. This includes collections such as RoyalT, Tacori Vault, Tacori Gold, Pretty in Pink, Dantela, Clean Crescent, and Adoration, among many others. From engagement rings to wedding bands to rings and bracelets and necklaces, Tacori has made an indelible mark on the luxury jewelry industry.

On top of everything else, Tacori has also reached out to women across the country who identify with their unique style and flair for glamour. Iconic representatives of the brand include women such as Kimberly Pesch, Wendy Nguyen, Beth Jones, and Annabelle Fleur. Each of them holds to values such as love, style, brilliance, and undeniable spirit.

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